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Since our formation in 2003, Tempus Systems LTD has provided turnkey solutions for a wide range of industry and for organizations throughout the U.K.

From day one, Tempus Systems LTD has appreciated that in today’s dynamic working environment no two businesses operate in the same manner. It is for this reason that we implement an open policy to adapt our solutions for any small, medium or large enterprise and personalise them according to individual client requirements.

At Tempus Systems LTD we believe that it is important to have a ‘healthy dissatisfaction with ourselves’. By thinking this way we can be sure that every effort has been made to provide the best possible service together with the most reliable equipment.

We pride ourselves and feel a great deal of fulfilment in the knowledge that every effort has been made to satisfy the needs and requirements of all existing and potential customers.........and this sets us apart from all our competitors!!!!!

We look forward to hearing from you......


Maurice Abraham - Company Director

Jeffrey Wilson - Company Director

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