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Tempus Systems provide bespoke Video Door Entry solutions to suit all end user requirements. Our systems range from a single door/camera and monitor station for a single entry point to more complex systems with multiple entry points and multiple monitor stations. Our standard door entry system can be connected with up to 4 monitor stations providing a robust and cost effective way of securing access to any premises. Available in colour or mono, the infrared camera unit can be surface mounted either internally or externally. The master station includes a 4” monitor and is wall mounted internally at a preferred location.

Typical Monitor Configuration

Upon activation, the camera unit automatically relays a signal to the master station(s) opening a visual and two-way verbal communication with the visitor. A door release mechanism can be incorporated into the system for remote admission to the premises.

Features of the Tempus’ Video Door Entry include an in house intercom system enabling audio communication between all monitor stations, manual activation of the camera unit, individual volume and contrast control for the monitor stations and volume control for the camera unit. All video door entry solutions can be implemented as a standalone system or interfaced into Tempus’ Access Control system and/or any fire alarm systemfor emergency override.

Download PDF: Audio/Video Door Entry

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