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CCTV Installers in London

Tempus Systems CCTV utilises a range of Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) with a wealth of features to cater for any industry and/or all site conditions. Recorded data is stored onto single or multiple Hard Drives (internal or RAID). The size of which is determined according to the individual requirements of the customer. Our expert cctv installers take into consideration the storage time needed, site activity and the quality of the recorded image. All our DVRs have an overwrite facility that will records over old data once the hard drive becomes full. Data back-up is achievable by transferring information onto external media via a built in DVD/RW drive and USB2 Port or by downloading directly from the DVR over the internet.

Remote viewing over the internet is possible with the Tempus DVR range. This means that the cameras could be viewed from anywhere in the world providing you have the client software installed, a broadband internet connection and the correct login and password.

Triplex 16 / 32 channel H264 DVR

The Tempus DVR CCTV System range utilises the latest H264 compression, which is considered to be one of the best formats available today. The Pentaplex functionality allows simultaneous playback, recording, remote viewing and data back-up, providing high quality images and remarkably clear pictures with virtually no pixilation during playback. DVR options include: motion recording, alarm recording, easy search, variable screen displays, key lock, individual channel record settings, multi user access levels, internet viewing, mobile phone compatibility, remote download, remote configuration and much more.

Our broad range of internal and external cameras include infrared domed CCTV security camera systems, high-resolution anti vandal CCD/IR security cameras, high resolution colour/mono speed dome cameras and range from 500 x 582 to 811 x 508 pixels. Available in analogue, Mega-Pixel or HD formats with horizontal resolutions from 420TVL - 700TVL (TV Lines) and fixed focal, varifocal or power driven lenses. We will recommend the best cameras according to specific site conditions in order to provide an optimum solution for both daytime and night recording.

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CCTV Systems, CCTV Installers in London