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Before Tempus Systems LTD adopt a new service or product, extensive research is carried out in order to make absolute certain that we can offer the most reliable and cost effective solution possible. It is for this reason that when it comes to Fire Detection we insist on only offering equipment from the product range of ‘Apollo Fire Detectors Limited’. Manufactured exclusively in the U.K., the Apollo product range has a worldwide reputation in its own right and is recognized as an industry standard, winning many awards.

Depending on the detection type required we can provide a wide range of Fire Alarm control panels from a wealthy list of reputable U.K. manufacturers. The system that is ultimately offered is determined by one or several of the following; a site consultant architectural design drawings, a site electrician, a risk assessment our site survey and or any other key factors. Tempus Systems support many types of Fire & Gas Detection solutions, encompassing Intelligent Loop, Conventional Multi-zone, Two-wire and Radio Systems, including Air Sampling, UV and CO2 Detection. Notification of a fire condition can be either automatic through one of the detectors or by the manual activation of a Call Point (Break Glass). Depending on the equipment installed, an alarm situation can actuate an automated voice alarm, a visual alert, electronic sounders or bells. Our Fire Alarm systems can be linked to Gas, Foam, or Water fire suppression systems.

Under special circumstances and in order to ensure that the system proposed will meet the ultimate fire detection needs of the client we can arrange a Fire Simulation Test. This can be helpful when a property is considered high risk or if environmental issues are a factor.

Our Fire detection solution is complimented by our ability to supply, install and maintain a variety of Emergency Lighting equipment. These range from a central battery system to self-contained Units using fluorescent tubes, lamps, or the latest LED technology. (see  ‘Emergency Lighting’ downloadable document)

 Fire Alarms

Once the installation has been completed the panel and detectors undergo a rigorous and painstaking testing procedure to ensure that the customer will receive a robust and reliable system. Once we are satisfied that everything is in good working order we commission the system and provide the customer with full and detailed training. We also supply all the necessary signage as required by the current Fire Alarm Regulation and all the necessary paperwork to validate the installation including certificates and a detailed illustration of the equipment installed and its location.

Download PDF: Fire Alarms

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